About us

UAB “Šviesos ranka” was established in 2013 in Klaipėda. Initially, the company provided home construction services. The main activity of the company was the assembly of frame houses together and various landscape works that took place in Sweden at that time.

In order to meet the growing needs of customers, from 2016. the company is constantly expanding the range of services provided.

What do we offer?

Skilled workers
Industrial and civil engineering work
Metal construction work and production
Metal construction workshop and painting workshop

Advantages of cooperation with us

To meet customer needs and best meet their requirements.

We always do what is necessary, regardless of the fact that the contract may not provide for such obligations to us.

We firmly believe that the relationship between the parties is not only the obligations that our company makes under a particular contract, but is based on moral norms and values, friendly dialogue and a willingness to resolve any issues in the most effective and mutually acceptable way.


Minijos g. 140-3, Klaipėda

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Working hours

9:00 val. – 17.00 val. Monday – Friday

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