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Skilled Workers

Our company provides highly qualified specialists for industrial and civil construction works, shipyards and the marine industry. We can supply:
- Welders with 111,135,136,138,141,148 Processes
- Hull assemblers
- Electricians
- Pipe fitters
- Scaffolders
- Painters
- Construction workers to meet the requirements of a specific project.

Metal construction work and production

UAB Šviesos ranka provides various services related to the production and installation of metal structures used in industrial and civil engineering, oil and gas industry, and renewable energy.

Industrial and civil engineering work

We provide the following industrial and civil engineering services:
- Insulation, installation of ventilation systems, tinning
- Welding works (MIG, MAG, TIG electrode welding)
- Ship interior decoration
- Concreting and floor leveling
- Painting work
- Miscellaneous interior and exterior finishing work
- Frame house assembly
- Construction of houses
- Joinery works - Landscape works
- Construction site cleaning works

Metal construction workshop and painting workshop

In the metal workshop and painting workshop in Klaipeda, we provide a wide range of services related to metal constructions. Various types of work, which can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer, take place in 2 metal construction workshops (1,200 sq.m. and 1000 sq.m.) equipped with plasma cutting machines, as well as in the painting workshop (1000 sq.m.). equipped with the necessary painting and sanding equipment.

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